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At this time I'm out of Cocoa brown, 

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Willamette Valley Metals provides quality metal roofing & siding. We provide materials for pole barns, sheds, lean too's, privacy fences or anything you're trying to keep dry.

We carry prime 40year smp cool paint system, all panels & trim materials are coated in a super durable 40 yr. smp "cool" paint system. The cool paint coatings increase the total solar reflection of the surface, lowering surface temperatures & reducing energy costs. These properties along with an increased resistance to fading & chalking, this makes our cool paint coating one of the best in the industry.

The layers of the smp cool paint system is:

*Service coating, *Chemical pretreatment, * 55% AL-ZN / ZN coating, *Cold rolled strip, * 55% AL-ZN / ZN coating, *Chemical pretreatment, *Primer coating &, * 40 yr finish coating.

We have excess prime material too, this is prime material but in colors we don't stock all the time. This would not come with any warranties, this is one way to save on cost.

We also have secondary material, this is where something just didn't go right in the painting or rolling department, nothing is wrong with the structural part it may be blemishes in the paint or it may have came out with a little edge wave, or if it has a little water stain to it, or that it just may be still a primer coat. I show picture's of some secondary material but it's not always the same. This does not come with any warranties.